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Meaning & Origins

Transferred use of the surname, which is at least in part a local name, either from Kendal in Cumbria (formerly the county town of Westmorland), so named because it stands in the valley of the river Kent, or from Kendale in Driffield, Humberside, where the first element is Old Norse keld ‘spring’. The surname may in some cases be derived from the Welsh personal name Cynddelw, which is of uncertain origin, perhaps from an Old Celtic word meaning ‘high, exalted’ + delw ‘image, effigy’).
953rd in the U.S.
Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Cróin ‘descendant of Crón’, a name from crón ‘swarthy’. Compare Cronin.
6,131st in the U.S.

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