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Meaning & Origins

In modern use a transferred use of the surname, the origins of which are complex. The source in many cases is the Old Welsh personal name Cynwrig. This is of uncertain derivation: it may be composed of elements meaning ‘high, exalted’ + ‘hill’ or ‘summit’. The Scottish surname Ken(d)rick is a shortened form of MacKen(d)rick (Gaelic Mac Eanraig ‘son of Henry’); Scottish bearers are descended from a certain Henry MacNaughton, and the (Mac)Ken(d)ricks are a sept of Clan MacNaughton. As an English surname, Ken(d)rick is derived, at least in part, from the Middle English given name Cenric, in which two Old English personal names have fallen together: Cēnerīc (from cēne ‘keen’ + rīc ‘power’) and Cynerīc (from cyne ‘royal’ + rīc ‘power’). Cenric survived as a given name into the 17th century.
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English: from a Middle English pet form of Nicholas.
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