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Meaning & Origins

Of Scottish origin: Anglicized form of two different Gaelic names, Cinaed and Cainnech. The former was the Gaelic name of Kenneth mac Alpin (d. 858), first king of the united Picts and Scots. The latter survives today in Scotland as the common Gaelic name Coinneach. Since early in the 20th century Kenneth has been in regular use and enjoyed great popularity as a given name well beyond the borders of Scotland.
29th in the U.S.
German: 1. habitational name from a place called Kloppe. 2. short form of any of the compound names formed with Klopp- or Klopf-, from Middle Low German klopper ‘clapper’, ‘bobbin’, ‘hammer’. 3. from the medieval personal name Chlodobert.
13,819th in the U.S.

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