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Transferred use of the surname, which is from an Old French given name of Germanic origin, from land ‘land, territory’ + beorht ‘famous’. This was introduced to Britain by the Normans, but its frequency in Britain in later centuries owed something to immigrants from the Low Countries, and it continued in occasional use into the 18th century at least. St Lambert of Maastricht was a 7th-century saint who aided St Willibrord in his evangelical work.
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English: 1. topographic name for someone who lived by a hedgerow or in a row of houses built next to one another, from Middle English row (northern Middle English raw, from Old English rāw). 2. from the medieval personal name Row, a variant of Rou(l) (see Rollo, Rolf) or a short form of Rowland. 3. English name adopted by bearers of French Baillargeon.
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