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Meaning & Origins

Of uncertain origin. If not simply an invention, it may have been devised as a feminine equivalent of Alan (of which it is an anagram), or a shortened form of Alana. It seems to have been first used by the American film actress Lana Turner (1920–1995), whose original name was Julia.
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English: from Old English stān ‘stone’, in any of several uses. It is most commonly a topographic name, for someone who lived either on stony ground or by a notable outcrop of rock or a stone boundary-marker or monument, but it is also found as a metonymic occupational name for someone who worked in stone, a mason or stonecutter. There are various places in southern and western England named with this word, for example in Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kent, Somerset, Staffordshire, and Worcestershire, and the surname may also be a habitational name from any of these.
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