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Meaning & Origins

Name, according to Roman mythology, of the wife of Aeneas, and thus the mother of the Roman people. Legend had it that she gave her name to the Latin town of Lavinium, but in fact she was almost certainly invented to explain the place name, which is of pre-Roman origin. She was said to be the daughter of King Latinus, who was similarly invented to account for the name of Latium. The name Lavinia is recorded in England from the 17th century onwards.
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English, Danish, and German: from a short form of the various Germanic compound names with a first element wolf ‘wolf’, or a byname or nickname with this meaning. The wolf was native throughout the forests of Europe, including Britain, until comparatively recently. In ancient and medieval times it played an important role in Germanic mythology, being regarded as one of the sacred beasts of Woden. This name is widespread throughout northern, central, and eastern Europe, as well as in Britain and German-speaking countries.
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