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Meaning & Origins

Of Arabic origin, now fairly common in the English-speaking world, having been used as a name for an oriental beauty both by Byron, in The Giaour (1813) and Don Juan (1819–24), and by Lord Lytton for the heroine of his novel Leila (1838). In Arabic it means ‘night’, apparently alluding to a dark complexion.
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English: 1. nickname for a bearded man (Middle English, Old English beard). To be clean-shaven was the norm in non-Jewish communities in northwestern Europe from the 12th to the 16th century, the crucial period for surname formation. There is a place name and other evidence to show that this word was used as a byname in the Old English period, when beards were the norm; in this period the byname would have referred to a large or noticeable beard. As an American surname, this name has absorbed cognates and equivalents in other languages, in particular German Bart. 2. habitational name from a place in Derbyshire, which derives its name by dissimilation from Old English brerd ‘rim’, ‘bank’.
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