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Meaning & Origins

Of relatively recent origin and uncertain etymology. It is first recorded in the 19th century. It may be a shortened form of Belinda, an adoption of Spanish linda ‘pretty’, or a Latinate derivative of any of various other Germanic female names ending in -lind meaning ‘weak, tender, soft’. It was popular in the 20th century, especially in the 1950s.
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English and Irish: from the common Norman personal name, T(h)erry (Old French Thierri), composed of the unattested Germanic element þeudo- ‘people’, ‘race’ + rīc ‘power’. Theodoric was the name of the Ostrogothic leader (c. 454–526) who invaded Italy in 488 and established his capital at Ravenna in 493. His name was often taken as a derivative of Greek Theodōros (see Theodore). There was an Anglo-Norman family of this name in County Cork.
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