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Meaning & Origins

Originally a nickname from the Old French vocabulary word amabel, amable ‘lovely’ (akin to modern English amiable ‘friendly, good-humoured’). The initial vowel began to be lost as early as the 12th century (the same woman is referred to as both Mabilia and Amabilia in a document of 1185), but a short vowel in the resulting first syllable was standard, giving a rhyme with babble, until the 19th century, when people began to pronounce the name to rhyme with table.
980th in the U.S.
English and Scottish: habitational name from any of at least three places named Cowden. One in Northumbria occurs in 1286 as Colden and is derived from Old English col ‘(char)coal’ + denu ‘valley’; that in East Yorkshire occurs in Domesday Book as Coledun and is from Old English col + dūn ‘hill’; while one in Kent is recorded in 1160 as Cudena and is from Old English cū ‘cow’ + denn ‘pasture’. The last does not appear to have yielded any surnames; the surname is more or less restricted to northern England, and is also found in northern Ireland, where it may be of Scottish origin, from places called Cowden near Dollar and near Dalkeith, Lothian.
7,822nd in the U.S.

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