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Meaning & Origins

Originally a nickname from the Old French vocabulary word amabel, amable ‘lovely’ (akin to modern English amiable ‘friendly, good-humoured’). The initial vowel began to be lost as early as the 12th century (the same woman is referred to as both Mabilia and Amabilia in a document of 1185), but a short vowel in the resulting first syllable was standard, giving a rhyme with babble, until the 19th century, when people began to pronounce the name to rhyme with table.
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English, German, French, and Jewish: from the personal name, Hebrew Yosef ‘may He (God) add (another son)’. In medieval Europe this name was borne frequently but not exclusively by Jews; the usual medieval English vernacular form is represented by Jessup. In the Book of Genesis, Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob, who is sold into slavery by his brothers but rises to become a leading minister in Egypt (Genesis 37–50). In the New Testament Joseph is the husband of the Virgin Mary, which accounts for the popularity of the given name among Christians.
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