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Meaning & Origins

Variant spelling of May, possibly influenced by Maeve. It was borne by the American film actress Mae West (1892–1980), whose prominent bust led to her name being given, by members of the RAF, to a type of inflatable life jacket used in the Second World War. This spelling is not much used, except in compounds such as Ellie-Mae, Lily-Mae, and Daisy-Mae.
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Scottish: habitational name from any of the various places called Douglas from their situation on a river named with Gaelic dubh ‘dark’, ‘black’ + glas ‘stream’ (a derivative of glas ‘blue’). There are several localities in Scotland and Ireland so named, but the one from which the surname is derived in most if not all cases is 20 miles south of Glasgow, the original stronghold of the influential Douglas family and their retainers.
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