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Meaning & Origins

18,089th in the U.S.
English: 1. from the Middle English personal name Alstan, which is a coalescence of several different Old English personal names: Æðelstān ‘noble stone’, Ælfstān ‘elf stone’, Ealdstān ‘old stone’, or Ealhstān ‘altar stone’. 2. habitational name from any of various places called Alston (in Cumbria, Lancashire, Devon, and Somerset) or Alstone (in Gloucestershire and Staffordshire). With the exception of Alston in Cumbria, which is formed with the Old Scandinavian personal name Halfdan, these place names all consist of an Old English personal name + Old English tūn ‘settlement’, for example Ælfsige in the case of Alstone in Gloucestershire.
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