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Meaning & Origins

Elaboration of Mary, with the addition of the productive suffix -lyn (see Lynn). It is recorded in the 18th century, possibly as a blend of Mary and Ellen, but first came into regular use in the 20th century, peaking in the 1940s and 50s. Since then its use has been surprisingly moderate, considering the enduring popularity of the film star Marilyn Monroe (1926–62), baptized Norma Jeane Baker.
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German: 1. nickname from Hornung ‘February’, with reference to a tax obligation or some other association with that month, for example being born in February. 2. from a personal name, Hornunc. 3. North German: nickname for a person born out of wedlock, Middle Low German hornink, with reference to parentage by a cuckold, traditionally symbolized by horns. 4. topographic name referring to the location or shape of a farming property (see Horn).
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