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Meaning & Origins

Transferred use of the surname, derived from a Norman French occupational term that originally denoted someone who looked after horses, ultimately from Germanic marah ‘horse’ + scalc ‘servant’. By the time it became fixed as a surname it had the meaning ‘shoeing smith’ later it came to denote an official whose duties were to a large extent ceremonial. The surname is pronounced the same as the Latin name Martial (from Latin Mars, genitive Martis; compare Martin). This may have contributed something to its use as a given name.
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Dutch: literally ‘runner’, an occupational name for a messenger or for someone who made excursions into the woods. In New Netherland the term Boschlooper was used to denote traders who went out (sometimes literally by running) into the woods to intercept Indians bringing furs to Fort Orange (now part of Albany, NY). The practice was forbidden because of the use of coercion to secure a deal, as happened especially when the trader was on horseback.
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