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Meaning & Origins

Medieval variant of Mervyn, resulting from the regular Middle English change of -er- to -ar-. Modern use may represent a transferred use of the surname derived from this in the Middle Ages. It is popular in the United States, where it is associated in particular with the American singer Marvin Gaye (1939–84) and the boxer Marvin Hagler (b. 1954).
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Japanese: variously written, usually with characters meaning ‘bell tree’, the name is probably taken from Japan's lovely pampas grass, susuki. An alternate pronunciation is Susuki. This is one of the two most common surnames in Japan, the other being Sato. Legend says that one Suzuki family descended from a priestly line named Hozumi, of Kumano in presentday Mie prefecture. The Hozumi, in turn, are listed in the Shinsen shōjiroku and claim descent from the Mononobe clan.
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