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Meaning & Origins

Of uncertain ultimate origin. This was the name of the mother of St Augustine, as transmitted to us by her famous son. She was a citizen of Carthage, so her name may well be of Phoenician origin, but in the early Middle Ages it was taken to be a derivative of Latin monere ‘to warn, counsel’, since it was as a result of her guidance that her son was converted to Christianity.
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English: nickname for a tall, thin man, from Middle English spir ‘stalk’, ‘stem’. This was apparently used as a personal name or byname, in view of the fact that there are patronymic derivatives. In some Middle English dialects this word also denoted reeds, and the surname may in part have been originally a topographic name for someone who lived in a marshy area. The application to a church steeple is not attested before the 16th century, and is not a likely source of the surname.
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