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Meaning & Origins

Of uncertain origin. From the 18th century it is clearly used as a pet form of Ann (see Nan), but it may originally have been a similar formation deriving from the common medieval given name Annis, a vernacular form of Agnes. Nowadays it is an independent name, and was especially popular in America in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. A meaning of the name Nancy is Grace.
30th in the U.S.
Scottish: habitational name from a place near Ecclefechan in Dumfries, locally pronounced ‘kridders’. The name is first recorded in 1334 in the form Carrothres, and then more clearly in c.1350 as Caer Ruther, and derives from British caer ‘fort’ + a personal name.
6,906th in the U.S.

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