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Meaning & Origins

English form of a New Testament name, which is derived from the Greek form of a Hebrew name meaning ‘God has given’ (compare Nathan, which is sometimes taken as a short form of this name). It was borne by one of the less prominent of Christ's apostles (John 1:45; 21:2), who in fact is probably identical with Bartholomew. The spelling used in the Authorized Version of the New Testament is Nathanael, but this is in much less frequent use as a given name in the English-speaking world.
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Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): metronymic from a pet form of the Yiddish female personal name Dvoyre (from the Hebrew name Devorah, literally ‘bee’, whence English Deborah). The name Devorah was borne in the Bible by Rebecca's nurse (Genesis 35:8) and by a prophetess and judge (Judges 4:4). The popularity of the Yiddish name is due largely to the latter.
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