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Meaning & Origins

Of Germanic origin, from nord ‘north’ + man ‘man’, i.e. ‘Norseman’. This name was in use in England before the Conquest, and was reinforced by its use among the Norman invaders themselves. The Normans were the inhabitants of Normandy in northern France, whose name is a reference to the Vikings who took control of the region in the 9th century. In the 11th and 12th centuries they achieved remarkable conquests, including not only Britain but also Sicily, southern Italy, and Antioch. In the Scottish Highlands it is used as the Anglicized equivalent of Tormod.
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German (Gundermann): 1. from the Germanic personal name Gundram, composed of the elements gund ‘battle’ + hramn, hrafn, hraban ‘raven’. 2. elaborated form of Gunder.
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