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Meaning & Origins

One of the rarer girls' names created in the late 19th century from vocabulary words for gemstones. This English word is ultimately derived (via Latin and Greek) from an Indian language (compare Sanskrit upala ‘precious stone’).
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English: 1. nickname for a person considered prodigious in some way, from Middle English, Old French merveille ‘miracle’ (Latin mirabilia, originally neuter plural of the adjective mirabilis ‘admirable’, ‘amazing’). The nickname was no doubt sometimes given with mocking intent. 2. (of Norman origin): habitational name, from places called Merville. The one in Nord is named from Old French mendre ‘smaller’, ‘lesser’ (Latin minor) + ville ‘settlement’; that in Calvados seems to have as its first element a Germanic personal name, probably a short form of a compound name with the first element mari, meri ‘famous’.
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