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Meaning & Origins

Modern form of the Welsh name Owain or a transferred use of the surname derived from the personal name. It is also used as an Anglicized form of Gaelic Eóghan (see Scottish and Irish appendices), which is probably ultimately a cognate of the Welsh name. Although retaining its Welsh flavour, this is one of a number of Celtic names which have recently come into general use and have become increasingly popular since the 1990s.
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English: 1. from a medieval personal name, Old Norse þórsteinn, composed of the elements þórr, name of the Scandinavian god of thunder (see Thor) + steinn ‘stone’, ‘rock’, hence ‘altar of Thor’ or perhaps ‘hammer of Thor’. 2. habitational name from Thurston in Suffolk, so called from the genitive case of the Old Norse personal name þóri (see Thor) + Old English tūn ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.
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