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Meaning & Origins

From the Greek name Philippos, meaning ‘lover of horses’, from philein ‘to love’ + hippos ‘horse’. This was popular in the classical period and since. It was the name of the father of Alexander the Great. It was also the name of one of Christ's apostles, of a deacon ordained by the apostles after the death of Christ, and of several other early saints. See also Philippa.
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English: 1. from the Middle English vernacular form of the personal name Barnabas, which was borne by the companion of St Paul (Acts 4:36). This is of Aramaic origin, from Barnabia ‘son of Nabia’, a personal name perhaps meaning ‘confession’. 2. habitational name from Barnaby in North Yorkshire, named with the Old English personal name Beornwald (composed of the elements beorn ‘young warrior’ + wald ‘rule’) + Old Norse býr ‘settlement’.
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