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Meaning & Origins

From the Greek name Philippos, meaning ‘lover of horses’, from philein ‘to love’ + hippos ‘horse’. This was popular in the classical period and since. It was the name of the father of Alexander the Great. It was also the name of one of Christ's apostles, of a deacon ordained by the apostles after the death of Christ, and of several other early saints. See also Philippa.
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English (northern): habitational name from a lost place in County Durham called Hollingside or Holmside, from Old English hole(g)n ‘holly’ + sīde ‘hillside’, ‘slope’; there is a Hollingside Lane on the southern outskirts of Durham city. In some cases it may be from Hollinhead in Lancashire, so named from Old English holegn ‘holly’ + hēafod ‘headland’, ‘ridge’.
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