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This is the name of two characters in the works of Shakespeare. The most celebrated of them is an heiress in The Merchant of Venice who, disguised as a man, shows herself to be a brilliant advocate and delivers a stirring speech on the quality of mercy. It is also the name of the wife of Brutus in Julius Caesar. The historical Brutus's wife was called Porcia, feminine form of the Roman family name Porcius, which is apparently a derivative of Latin porcus ‘pig’.
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Irish: 1. reduced form of Shanahan. 2. reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Seanáin‘descendant of Seanán’, a personal name based on a pet form of seán ‘old’. 3. in County Clare, a reduced Anglicized form of Mac Giolla tSeanáin‘son of the servant of St. Seanán’. In the Irish midlands Leonard and Nugent have been adopted as equivalents of this name.
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