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Meaning & Origins

Mainly Australian: probably originally a short form of Rachel, but now generally taken as a feminine form of Ray or Raymond, or simply a derivative of ray meaning ‘sunbeam’. In some cases it may be a transferred use of the Scottish surname Rae, originally either a short form of MacRae (from a Gaelic personal name meaning ‘son of grace’) or a nickname from the roebuck. It is often used in combinations such as Rae Ellen and Mary Rae.
1,154th in the U.S.
English (especially Yorkshire) and Scottish: occupational name for a fuller, Middle English walkere, Old English wealcere, an agent derivative of wealcan ‘to walk, tread’. This was the regular term for the occupation during the Middle Ages in western and northern England. Compare Fuller and Tucker. As a Scottish surname it has also been used as a translation of Gaelic Mac an Fhucadair ‘son of the fuller’.
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