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Meaning & Origins

Mainly North American and Australian: as a boy's name this originated as a pet form of Randall, Randolf, or Andrew. As a girl's name it may have originated either as a transferred use of the boy's name or else as a pet form of Miranda (compare Randa). It is now fairly commonly used as an independent name, mainly by men, in spite of the unfortunate connotations of the colloquial adjective meaning ‘lustful’.
169th in the U.S.
Northern English and Scottish: metonymic occupational name for a dealer in spices, or a nickname for someone with a hot temper or a vicious tongue, from Middle English, Old French mo(u)starde ‘mustard’ (a derivative of mo(u)st ‘unfermented wine’ (see Most 1), in which the mustard seeds were originally prepared). Black draws attention to an early Scottish form (van Mouster, 1414), which appears to be a Dutch habitational name.
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