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(Spanish) form of Rachel, now in regular use in the English-speaking world. It was brought to public attention by the celebrity of the film actress Raquel Welch (b. 1940 as Raquel Tejada, in Chicago). Her father was Bolivian, her mother of English stock.
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English: 1. from a pet form of the female personal name Elizabeth. Compare Hibbs 2. 2. nickname for someone with very fair hair or skin, from Middle English, Old English lilie ‘lily’ (Latin lilium).The Italian equivalent Giglio was used as a personal name in the Middle Ages. In English and other languages there has also been some confusion with forms of Giles. 3. habitational name from places called Lilley, in Hertfordshire and Berkshire. The Hertfordshire place was named in Old English as ‘flax-glade’, from līn ‘flax’ + lēah ‘woodland clearing’. The Berkshire name is from Old English Lillinglēah ‘wood associated with Lilla’, an Old English personal name.
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