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Meaning & Origins

As a boy's name, this is a transferred use of the Irish surname Re(a)gan (Gaelic Ó Riagáin; see Reagan). The girl's name, however, may at least in part be from the name of one of the three daughters in Shakespeare's King Lear (1605), a most unattractive character, who flatters her father into giving her half his kingdom and then turns him out into a raging storm at night. It is not known where Shakespeare got the name; he presumably believed it to be of Celtic origin. It can be identified with the Irish Gaelic word ríogan ‘queen’ (pronounced ‘ree-gan’).
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English: from Old French arch(i)er, Middle English archere, hence an occupational name for an archer. This Norman French word partially replaced the native English word bowman in the 14th century. In North America this surname may have absorbed some cases of European cognates such as French Archier.
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