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Meaning & Origins

French: from the Late Latin name Renata, feminine of Renatus ‘reborn’, used by early Christians as a baptismal name celebrating spiritual rebirth in Christ. The name is also used in the English-speaking world, often without the accent and in a highly Anglicized pronunciation (compare Reenie).
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Japanese: common place name and surname throughout Japan, meaning ‘small rice paddy’. A less common but more famous Oda name, written with characters meaning ‘woven rice paddy’ (i.e. fields laid out evenly as woven cloth), was borne by the family of the famous conqueror Oda Nobunaga (1534–1582). Their name is taken from two Shintomacr; shrines in Fukui prefecture; so an added meaning would be ‘august rice paddy’, denoting respect shown to a shrine's property.
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