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Meaning & Origins

From the Latin vocabulary word meaning ‘king’. This was not used as a personal name in Latin of the classical or Christian periods, and its adoption as a given name seems to have been a 19th-century innovation. Its popularity was increased by the fame of the British actor Rex Harrison (1908–90), who was christened Reginald Carey.
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English (frequent in eastern England): ethnic name from Norman French aleman ‘German’ or alemayne ‘Germany’ (Late Latin Alemannus and Alemannia, from a Germanic tribal name that probably originally meant ‘all the men’). In some cases the surname may be from the region of Normandy known as Allemagne (south of Caen), probably named as a Germanic-speaking enclave in a Celtic area in Roman times. In North America, the form Allman has probably absorbed some cases of cognates from other languages, in particular Spanish Aleman and French Alleman.
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