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Meaning & Origins

Modern coinage, a blend of Rhoda and Rhona. It is now often taken to be a Welsh name derived from rhon ‘pike, lance’ (as in Rhonwen;) + -da ‘good’, as in Glenda. The name is associated particularly with the American film actress Rhonda Fleming (b. 1923 as Marilyn Louis).
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Chinese 吴: from the name of the ancient state of Wu in what is now Jiangsu province. In the 13th century BC, the state of Zhou was ruled by Tai Wang, who had three sons: Tai Bo, Zhong Yong, and Ji Li. The eldest sons, Tai Bo and Zhong Yong, believing that their father wished the youngest son, Ji Li, to inherit the reins of power, left the Zhou homeland with a group of followers and traveled southeastward to east-central China, where they established the state of Wu. Their descendants eventually adopted Wu as their surname. Ji Li stayed on to rule the Zhou and became the father of the famed virtuous duke Wu Wang, to whom those named Zhou (see Chow) trace their ancestry. Thus, the surnames Wu and Zhou are traced to the same ancestor, Tai Wang.
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