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Meaning & Origins

Of Germanic origin, from hrōd ‘fame’ + rīc ‘power’. This name was introduced into England, in slightly different forms, first by Scandinavian settlers in the Danelaw and later by the Normans. However, it did not survive beyond the Middle English period. It owes its modern use to a poem by Sir Walter Scott, The Vision of Don Roderick (1811), where it is an Anglicized form of the related Spanish name Rodrigo, borne by the last Visigothic king of Spain, whose vision is the subject of the poem. It is now also very commonly used as an Anglicized form of two unrelated Celtic names: Scottish Gaelic Ruairidh and Welsh Rhydderch (see respective appendices).
920th in the U.S.
Scottish and northern Irish: variant spelling of Aikens.
1,999th in the U.S.

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