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Meaning & Origins

From the Old Norse personal name Rögnvaldr (composed of regin ‘advice, decision’ (also, ‘the gods’) + valdr ‘ruler’). This name was regularly used in the Middle Ages in northern England and Scotland, where Scandinavian influence was strong. It is now widespread throughout the English-speaking world.
35th in the U.S.
French: topographic name for someone who lived near a cross set up by the roadside or in the marketplace, from French la croix ‘the cross’ (Latin crux, crucis).In some cases the surname may have denoted one who carried the cross in church processions. Compare the English equivalent, Cross. It is a very frequent French Canadian secondary surname, perhaps for a person who swore by the cross, and has also been used independently since 1670.
4,179th in the U.S.

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