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Meaning & Origins

From the Irish surname, Gaelic Ó Riain ‘descendant of Rian’. Ryan is associated with the film actor Ryan O'Neal (b. 1941) and is one of several names of Celtic origin that have become very popular throughout the English-speaking world since the 1990s. It is also now well established in North America as a girl's name.
82nd in the U.S.
English (chiefly West Midlands): habitational name from either of two places named Hadley, in Worcestershire and Shropshire, or from either of two places named Hadleigh, in Essex and Suffolk. The first is named from the Old English personal name Hadda + lēah ‘wood’, ‘(woodland) clearing’; the other three are from Old English hǣð ‘heathland’, ‘heather’ + lēah.
1,601st in the U.S.

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