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Meaning & Origins

From a Latin name, representing the feminine form of the adjective serenus ‘calm, serene’. It was borne by an early Christian saint, about whom little is known. In her biography she is described as wife of the Emperor Domitian (ad 51–96), but there is no mention of her in any of the historical sources that deal with this period. In recent years the name has been associated with the American tennis player Serena Williams (b. 1981).
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German: from Middle High German kellaere ‘cellarman’, ‘cellar master’ (Latin cellarius, denoting the keeper of the cella ‘store chamber’, ‘pantry’). Hence an occupational name for the overseer of the stores, accounts, or household in general in, for example, a monastery or castle. Kellers were important as trusted stewards in a great household, and in some cases were promoted to ministerial rank. The surname is widespread throughout central Europe.
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