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Meaning & Origins

From the name of a river in Ireland. It is not clear why it has become so popular as a given name; compare Clodagh. In part it may also be a transferred use of the Irish surname, Gaelic Ó Seanáin ‘descendant of Seanán’ (a diminutive of Seán). Shannon is not found as a traditional given name in Ireland itself.
133rd in the U.S.
Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ceallaigh ‘descendant of Ceallach’, an ancient Irish personal name, originally a byname meaning ‘bright-headed’, later understood as ‘frequenting churches’ (Irish ceall). There are several early Irish saints who bore this name. Kelly is now the most common of all Irish family names in Ireland.
69th in the U.S.

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