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Meaning & Origins

English vernacular form of Susanna. Among well-known bearers are the American film stars Susan Hayward (1918–75) and Susan Sarandon (b. 1946 as Susan Tomalin).
19th in the U.S.
Czech (Král), Slovak (Král), and eastern German (of Slavic origin): from the western Slavic word kral ‘king’, a derivative of the personal name Karl ‘Charles’, the name of the Frankish king and Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (?742–814; Latin name Carolus Magnus). The word kral as a generic term meaning ‘king’ became widespread throughout eastern Europe in the Middle Ages; in Byzantium it generally denoted the kings of Serbia. As a surname, it generally arose either as an occupational name for a servant of the king or as an ironic nickname for one who gave himself regal airs. The surname is also found in German, often in the spelling Krahl.
9,994th in the U.S.

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