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From the name (Greek Sibylla or Sybilla, with confusion over the vowels from an early period) of a class of ancient prophetesses inspired by Apollo. According to medieval theology, they were pagans denied the knowledge of Christ but blessed by God with some insight into things to come and accordingly admitted to heaven. It was thus regarded as a respectable name to be borne by Christians. This name was introduced to England by the Normans and enjoyed considerable popularity in the Middle Ages.
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English: of disputed origin. Reaney rejects the traditional explanation that it is a nickname derived from early modern English fitch ‘polecat’, as this word is not recorded in this form until the 16th century, whereas the byname or surname Fitchet is found as early as the 12th century. He proposes instead that the name may be from Old French fiche ‘stake’ (used as a boundary marker), but with the sense ‘iron point’, and so a metonymic occupational name for a workman who used an ironpointed implement.
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