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Meaning & Origins

From the name of a place in Meath, seat of the high kings of Ireland, named with Gaelic teamhair ‘hill’. It has been used as a girl's name in America since the 1940s, probably as a result of the success of the film Gone with the Wind (1939), in which the estate of this name has great emotional significance. In Britain it was not much used before the late 1960s. Its popularity then was influenced by the character Tara King in the television series The Avengers.
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Spanish: habitational name from any of the many places in Spain, especially Galicia, called Palacio (alongside the Galician form Pazo), or from El Palacio, Castilianized form of El Palaciu, a town in Asturies. All are named with palacio ‘palace’, ‘manor’, ‘great house’, Latin palatium, a word derived from the Palatium or mons Palatinus in Rome, site of the emperor Augustus’ golden house.
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