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Of problematic origin. The name seems to have been first used in Spain and Portugal, and, according to tradition, was the name of the wife of St Paulinus of Nola, who spent most of his life in Spain; she was said to have originated (and to have derived her name) from the Greek island of Thēra. However, this story is neither factually nor etymologically confirmed.
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English (now found mainly in northern Ireland): habitational name from any of the various places so called, in Northamptonshire, Devon, Lincolnshire, and elsewhere. The one in Northamptonshire is Old English Ludingtūn ‘settlement (tūn) associated with Luda’ (a personal name of uncertain origin); that in Cornwood, Devon, is Old English Ludantūn ‘Luda's settlement’; that in Lincolnshire is ‘pool settlement’, from Old English luh ‘pool’, and Lutton in North Yorkshire is ‘settlement on the river Hlūde’ (see Loud) or ‘Luda's settlement’.
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