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Of problematic origin. The name seems to have been first used in Spain and Portugal, and, according to tradition, was the name of the wife of St Paulinus of Nola, who spent most of his life in Spain; she was said to have originated (and to have derived her name) from the Greek island of Thēra. However, this story is neither factually nor etymologically confirmed.
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English: 1. habitational name, either a variant of Madeley (a name common to several places, including one in Shropshire and two in Staffordshire), named in Old English as ‘Māda's clearing’, from an unattested byname, Māda (probably a derivative of mād ‘foolish’) + lēah ‘woodland clearing’; or from Medley on the Thames in Oxfordshire, named in Old English with middel ‘middle’ + ēg ‘island’. 2. nickname for an aggressive person, from Middle English, Old French medlee ‘combat’, ‘conflict’ (Late Latin misculata).
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