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Transferred use of the surname, in origin a Norman baronial name from places in France called Tracy, from the Gallo-Roman personal name Thracius + the local suffix -acum. In former times, Tracy was occasionally used as a boy's name, as were the surnames of other English noble families. Later, it was also used as a girl's name, generally being taken as a pet form of Theresa. It became a very popular girl's name in the 1960s and 70s, but has gradually declined since. It continues to be used as a boy's name in the United States but is rarely, if ever, so used in Britain.
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English: 1. variant of Blade, from the plural or genitive singular form. 2. habitational name from a place of uncertain location and origin. Its status as a habitational name is deduced from early forms cited by Reaney, such as Alan de Bladis (Leicestershire 1230), Hugh de Bladis (Staffordshire 1258), and William de Blades (Yorkshire 1301).
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