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Meaning & Origins

Transferred use of the Welsh surname, in origin a local name from any of the many places in Wales called Trefor, from tref ‘settlement’ + fôr, mutated form of mawr ‘large’. In the mid-20th century it came to enjoy considerable popularity in the English-speaking world among people with no connection with Wales; for example the actor Trevor Howard (1916–88) was born in Kent.
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English and Irish: of uncertain origin; most probably an altered form of Mowbray. It is also found as Maybury, which has the form of an English habitational name. There is a place near Woking in Surrey so called; however, this is not recorded until 1885 and is probably derived from the surname. In England this surname is found mainly in the West Midlands; it has also spread into Wales. In Ireland this form is common in Ulster; MacLysaght records that it was taken there from England in the 17th century.
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