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Meaning & Origins

From the name of a county in Northern Ireland and a city in Pennsylvania. Its use as a given name seems to be due to the influence of the two film actors (father and son) called Tyrone Power, especially the younger one (1913–58).
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French: patronymic from Broc: 1. nickname, probably for a person with a prickly temperament, from Old French broc ‘point’, ‘spur’ (of Gaulish origin). The word has many other meanings— ‘pointed weapon for stabbing’, ‘deer's antler’, ‘needle’, ‘spit’, ‘jug with a pointed handle’, ‘spiny vegetation’, etc.—and any of these senses may also have contributed to the surname, which may equally well have been a topographic name. 2. nickname from Breton broc’h ‘badger’ (see Brock 2).
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