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Meaning & Origins

From the Latin name Ursula, a diminutive of ursa ‘(she-)bear’. This was the name of a 4th-century saint martyred at Cologne with a number of companions, traditionally said to have been eleven thousand, but more probably just eleven, the exaggeration being due to a misreading of a diacritic mark in an early manuscript. This name was moderately popular in the 16th century, but its use in the English-speaking world today is selective. A more recent influence has been the film actress Ursula Andress (b. 1936 in Switzerland).
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French (Pépin) and English: from the Old French personal name Pepis, oblique case Pepin (introduced to Britain by the Normans). Of uncertain origin, it was borne by several Frankish kings, most notably Pepin le Bref, father of Charlemagne, and remained popular throughout the early Middle Ages. Reaney and Wilson suggest that late-formed examples of the English surname may alternatively be from Old French pepin, pipin ‘seed of a fruit’, and thus a metonymic occupational name for a gardener or grower of fruit trees. This surname is also established in northwest Germany, around Cologne.
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