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Meaning & Origins

From a Late Latin personal name meaning ‘conqueror’. This was popular among early Christians as a reference to Christ's victory over death and sin, and was borne by several saints. An influence on the choice of the name in more recent times was the American actor Victor Mature (1915–99).
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Jewish, Welsh, Scottish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Czech, Slovak (Dávid), and Slovenian: from the Hebrew personal name David ‘beloved’, which has been perennially popular among Jews, in honor of the Biblical king of this name, the greatest of the early kings of Israel. His prominence, and the vivid narrative of his life contained in the First Book of Samuel, led to adoption of the name in various parts of Europe, notably Britain, among Christians in the Middle Ages. The popularity of this as a personal name was increased in Britain, firstly by virtue of its being the name of the patron saint of Wales (about whom very little is known: he was probably a 6th-century monk and bishop) and secondly because it was borne by two kings of Scotland (David I, reigning 1124–53, and David II, 1329–71). Its popularity in Russia is largely due to the fact that this was the ecclesiastical name adopted by St. Gleb (died 1015), one of two sons of Prince Vladimir of Kiev who were martyred for their Christian zeal.
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