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Meaning & Origins

From a Late Latin personal name meaning ‘conqueror’. This was popular among early Christians as a reference to Christ's victory over death and sin, and was borne by several saints. An influence on the choice of the name in more recent times was the American actor Victor Mature (1915–99).
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Southern Italian: from garofalo ‘carnation’, from Greek karyophyllon, standard modern Italian garofano. Southern Italian Greek has the more conservative karofaddho; the standard modern Greek form is garifalo. This is presumably a nickname for one who habitually sported a carnation, a topographic name for someone who lived where carnations grew, or a metonymic occupational name for a grower or seller of these flowers. De Felice notes that the Calabrese and Sicilian dialect forms, garofalu and garofolo, denote other species of plant, as well as a whirlwind or vortex, senses which could also have contributed to the surname.
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