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Meaning & Origins

From the Old French form of the Latin name Vincens ‘conquering’ (genitive Vincentis). This name was borne by various early saints particularly associated with France, most notably the 5th-century St Vincent of Lérins.
252nd in the U.S.
Italian: habitational name from Palazzo Adriano in Palermo province, Sicily, Palazzo San Gervasio in Potenza province, Basilicata, or possibly from Palazzo Canavese in Turin province, all named with palazzo ‘palace’, ‘noble mansion’ (Latin palatium, a word derived from the Palatium or mons Palatinus in Rome, site of the emperor Augustus’ golden house). In some instances the name may be topographic for someone who lived near a royal or noble mansion, or an occupational name for someone who was employed in one.
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