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Meaning & Origins

Mainly U.S.: usual English form of the name of the most celebrated of Roman poets, Publius Vergilius Maro (70–19 bc). The correct Latin spelling is Vergilius, but it was early altered to Virgilius by association with virgo ‘maiden’ or virga ‘stick’. Today the name is almost always given with direct reference to the poet, but medieval instances may have been intended to honour instead a 6th-century bishop of Arles or an 8th-century Irish monk who evangelized Carinthia and became archbishop of Salzburg, both of whom also bore the name. In the case of the later saint, it was a classicized form of the Gaelic name Fearghal.
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English: from an Old English personal name, Burgheard, composed of the elements burh, burg ‘fort’ (see Burke) + heard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’. The name was reintroduced into Middle English by the Normans in the forms Bou(r)chart, Bocard. In the form Burkhard it was a very popular medieval German name. There has been considerable confusion between this English surname and Birkett.
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