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Meaning & Origins

Transferred use of the surname, in origin an occupational name for a carter or cartwright, from Old English wægen ‘cart, waggon’. It was adopted as a given name in the second half of the 20th century, mainly as a result of the popularity of the American film actor John Wayne (1907–79), who was born Marion Michael Morrison; his screen name was chosen in honour of the American Revolutionary general Anthony Wayne (1745–96).
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Scottish: 1. habitational name, deriving in most cases from the place so called in Annandale, in Dumfriesshire. This is derived from the genitive case of the personal name John + Middle English tone, toun ‘settlement’ (Old English tūn). There are other places in Scotland so called, including the city of Perth, which used to be known as St. John's Toun, and some of these may also be sources of the surname. 2. variant of Johnson (see John), with intrusive -t-.
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